Friday, November 16, 2012

Blog Assignment 12

Watch this video When I Become A Teacher and just listen to all the negatives that being a teacher brings to some people, and then write a paragraph or two on why you still want to become a teacher.Next watch this video Why Teaching Matters? and write a paragraph or more about what are your best teaching qualities.

In the video When I Become A Teacher, the participators in the video made teaching sound like the worst thing possible. Like they were just becoming teachers just to have a job, none of them seemed as if they actually enjoyed teaching. The key to being a good teacher, is to love what you are doing. Loving what you are passionate about will always make you good at whatever your job is, rather it be a school teacher, a doctor, or an auto-mechanic.

The reason that I would like to become a teacher is to make a difference in a young persons life. If I can teach students at an early age that learning is fun, then hopefully they will carry that thought with them throughout their life. Teaching is something that I am very passionate about. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. I want to be the kind of teacher that makes an A- feel like a slap in the face, because I know that they can do better and I want to make an C+ feel like a congressional medal of honor. I want my students to wonder and ask questions and even criticize what it is they are reading. I want to make them write "right" right. My students will show all of their work in math class, and hide all of their mistakes on their final drafts in English. I want to become a teacher so that I can make a difference.

Why Teaching Matters?A teacher is more than a person standing in front of the classroom. Teaching is more than a career. A recent study asked teachers to respond to the statement "I love to teach" and 98% of the teachers agreed with the statement. Teachers are usually very satisfied with their career choices. Careers in education account for 3 of the top 9 occupations where people are actually satisfied with their job. If you want a career in a rewarding profession that lasts a lifetime join other teachers at I plan to join this organization even before I become a teacher. Teaching matters because kids need someone to look up to. They need someone pushing them and telling them they can do it, because they may not be getting that encouragement at home. When I become a teacher I will be the driving force for my whole class to follow. Some of my best teaching qualities is that I am passionate, and patient. I think to be a good teacher you will need both qualities. The only thing that I believe will be difficult for me as a teacher is the time frame we are given to teach the students on a particular chapter. For example, if s few students are not grasping what I am teaching and they need more time to go over the subject matter. I will have to find some creative ways to incorporate review for some while at the same time keeping the students who do understand engaged in what it is that we are learning.


  1. Ashely,

    Good. I found this sentence to be...interesting: "I want to be the kind of teacher that makes an A- feel like a slap in the face because I know that they can do better and I want to make an a C+ feel like a congressional medal of honor." I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind it, but I'm sure you do, so that's all that matters. I think that our ways of grading are outdated, but I'm not sure I understand how a C+ could be equatable to a Congressional Medal of Honor. Those two seem like diametrical opposites. However, that's merely my opinion.

  2. Hey Bailey,
    The comment "I want to make an C+ feel like a congressional medal of honor", is suppose to motivate the student to do even better than a C. If a student tried his best at something and only got a C for it, that student can either be discouraged or encouraged by his teacher. Some teachers would make a student feel like that "C" they made, is as good as he can do, but a good teacher can make that student feel as if he has made an "A". that's all that I meant by it. Thank You for the compliment though!