Monday, November 5, 2012

C4T post #3

This week my C4T was an assignment on Mr.Michael Vaughn on his blog titled World-Shaker. Mr.Vaughn is an distance learning teacher and he gives presentations on social media for students and educators. He loves talking about social media and how it affects our daily lives, our learning, and our future. Mr.Vaughn does his presentations by blending design, comedy, and mind blowing facts into his online sessions for students and colleagues. Mr.Vaughns latest post on his blog was on October the 26th and he asked the question "When was the last time you were more than fifty feet from your cell phone?" and my response was "This was a very good question, Sad to say the last time I was more than fifty feet from my cell phone, is when I lost it. ha! that is so sad. This question certainly makes one think about how attached we are to our electronic devices." It really does make you want to challenge yourself to distance yourself from your phone. I have realized just how much I feel connected to my phone. Rather it be I am checking the time, or Checking my facebook. I depend on my phone way too much.

Michael Vaughn's latest blog post on his blog titled World-Shaker Putting Dings In The Universe , was a post titled Sirri Knows Me. In this short post Mr.Vaughn asks a friend of his by the name "OhMuffin" to ask her phone, sirri (an app on his phone) what was the final score of the game. Sirri responds to the question it was asked with these exact words " The Cleveland Browns were beaten 25 to 15 by Baltimore." OhMuffin then responds back to sirri "How mad is my boyfriend right now?". Sirri responds again with the same response "The Cleveland Browns were beaten 25 to 15 by Baltimore." The comment that I left on his blog post was "Mr.Vaughn after reading this and from hearing what others say about sirri, I really have to get me a sirri phone."

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