Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Special Blog Assignment

U.S. Today did an article in their paper on VP and Professor Sebastian Thurn titled A World Where Grades Will Be Left Behind. This article dealt with Mr.Thurns beliefs that "learning should be just as fun as playing video games." Thurn is a 45yr old Google Vice President and stanford research professor who is best known for his role in building Google's driverless car. Thurn has recently overseen and participated in a new education company he founded back in January called "Udacity". After teaching in this style for a year, Thurn felt like he could never go back to teaching in the traditional old boring style that he was so accustom too. Having a windowless classroom was the new way to teach. Thurn and his 20 something assistants designed and assembled courses for students that were both fun and educational.

Thanks to teachers like Thurn and his friend Sal Khan more and more teachers are starting to "flip" their classrooms. Charter schools in New York and Chicago have built an entire curriculum around game playing. In this article Thurn asks the question "What will education look like in 30 years". I like Thurn agree that technology is enabling educators to scale up education and make it more personal. The idea that education will respond to you is an mind blowing idea to me. I can imagine the impact that educational games will create on younger generations of students. Learning would be seen in a whole new light as something that is fun and at the same time benefiting of both parent and child. NO MORE ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach will be taken is also something I look forward to. Ending the article with hope and promise was an excellent move on the journalist part because this is such a touchy subject for those of who are still skeptic about the way education is moving along with its technological advances.
After reading this article I can honestly say that I agree with Mr.Thurn and the efforts he and his team are making to better education, by giving it a new direction where learning is fun. Its when you try to contain a child's learning into small windows "tracks" of learning that their education becomes limited. With the efforts of Mr.Thurn and his friends Education is truly unlimited and can be obtained by every child.

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