Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blog Assignment #13

A Vision of Students Today
was both enlightening and educational. The statistics throughout the video were mind bottling yet true. The video starts with a quote from 1967, Marshall McLuhan, that says "Today's children are bewildered when he enters the 19th Century environment that still characterizes the educational establishment where information is scared but ordered and structured by fragmented,classified patterns subjects and schedules." This statement pretty much sums up how I to feel about schools. There has to be more than just schedules to go by and time frames to do it in. Learning is different for everyone. What works for one student may not work for another. This video touches on everything from how much money students spend on education, from what the schools say we need to buy in order to retain what is being taught to us, to the personal aspect of going to school. Something as simple as, Does my teacher know me by name can make even a small impact on a student. We as students spend so much money on books that we will hardly even use much less open in the class or when we get home.

Most of the information we receive in class is not even relevant to our everyday life, or even the career we choose to pursue. The way that technology is spreading and progressing students will read less paper back books and more books online, not to mention more facebook profile pages, and other weblinks. One fact that really stood out to me was that a single laptop costs more than what some people make in an entire year. That fact alone makes me look at how I spend money in a different way. I should be holding up a sign like the young woman in this video saying "I am one of the lucky ones". 2. Watch the movie A Vision of Students Today. Think about what you have heard and seen. Don't just look at the video as a student. Think about the message for teachers or University presidents. Write two or more paragraphs commenting on the messages of the video. Write two or more paragraphs following the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog Post. This video is a product of Kansas State University. You can find more about the work being done at KSU by visiting this website which will enlighten you about YouTube if you are interested. Send Michael Wesch (@mwesch ) a thank you Tweet. Include #edm310 in the Tweet so I will see it.

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