Wednesday, November 14, 2012

C4K for the Month of November

For this weeks C4K I was assigned to Dr.V, and Dr. Santoli, blog post titled Attention Getters. This Blog post was about their journey to Ireland. They tasted different foods, drove down what felt to them to be the wrong side of the street, and also learned about their culture enhances in going green. The comment that I left for their blog post was : "Hello Dr.V, and Dr. Santoli, I think that it is great that you two got to travel to Ireland. I would love to go there just to experience the "weird" things that you have. Its funny how something so normal and routine to them are so foreign and strange to anyone not from Ireland.To answer your question, no I have not traveled internationally but Germany, Ireland, and Egypt are just some of the places I hope to travel to. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us."

For this weeks C4K, I visited a young girls blog titled Emma's Extra-Excellent Blog!!!. Emma is a 5th grade student in the suburbs of Chicago, in Mr.Hagedorn Class. The latest post Emma made was called "Dancing with Kachina Dolls!" Emma said that the reason she was making this post was because she wanted to learn more about KaChina Dolls. While reading her post I too have learned something new. Kachina dolls are hand carved wooden dolls made by Hopi Indians.Each doll represents a spirit in their lives. Emma also included step by step instructions and also a list of the materials you would use on how to make an KaChina doll. From reading Emma's blog I too have learned something new. I had never even heard of a KaChina doll before reading her blog.I plan to make one of these KaChina dolls with my nieces as soon as I can find some free time and also use it in my classroom as an art and history project.

C4K #9
The student who I was assigned to name is Haley and she is a 5th grader in Mr.Billy's 5th grade class in Chicago. Mr.Billy's class blog is titled School of Rock. Haley's latest post was titled Kid Vote! Haley posted that she was going to vote for Mitt Romney because he was is awesome and because he is going to lower taxes. Haley is also voting for Mitt Romney because he believes that poor people should try to get a job and not be so lazy. She goes on to say that she thinks Obama is the worst President there is and that He stinks. Reading Haley's post made me stop and think "Is this how she feels or is this how her parents feel and she is just going along with what they are saying." The comment that I left on Haley's blog post was: "Hi Haley,My name is Ashley and I was just wanted to comment on your post and tell you how great of a job you did on writing this post. And Haley, the best thing about having an opinion is that you don't have to apologize for how you feel about something. I respect the fact that you Have decided to vote for Mitt Romney, just remember that everyone thinks differently on every subject. I hope that when you are old enough to vote that you will make the right choice on who you feel is better able to lead the country just as you have in voting your class."

For this weeks C4K Mrs. Martin's 10th Grade class has a Blog titled 10th Grade English Mrs. Martin is a 10th grade English teacher in Baldwin County, Alabama. The student that I was assigned to name is Austin Garner and he is in Mrs.Martin's 2nd Block English class. His latest post was made on Nov. 16th. In this post he talks about the story they read in class called "Speak". Austin said, that he liked the book because it shows how people express themselves. He also stated that "many people speak, but few are heard". Austin learned that people who do graffiti, sing, dance, or even write on walls are just trying to be heard. He learned that those acts are just some of the ways people try to get other to hear them, because those acts are hard to ignore. Austin also had an assignment to compare the poem "Caged Bird" to the story "Speak". In Austins's comparison he said that "In the poem "Caged Bird," the bird can relate to Melinda. In the poem, the bird was in a cage, he couldn't do much. In the same way, Melinda is trapped in shame. Because of this, she is scared to do many things." It seems to me that Austin, is a very bright student and is very articulate. The comment that I left on his blog was, "Hello Austin, Your blog post is very well written and organized, Great Job! And from the way that you described the book "Speak", I think I may have to read the book for myself. Thank You for sharing your blog with the rest of the world!"

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